We started up in 2010, making cupcakes for cafés in Malmö with

sorroundings. Back then they were free from gluten, lactos and nuts but later it became clear that we needed to get rid of all milkproducts and also be able to make them vegan. Read more under what we do.

"We" means me, Åsa-Helena Bjärenäs (CupcakeQueen) with support from my lovely family and friends.

I´m a designer in my soul and because I in the year 2005 needed to stop eat gluten my career from that moment was an easy choice- I wanted to create cupcakes for everyone to eat! I started up in my own kitchen and now, in 2017, I´m still having my own kitchen adapted for my business, making cakes in a totally legal and glutenfree enviorment.

What I do is rockn´roll & DeLux at the same time!

                                        ¡Lots of love! 


Cupcake Crush, Monbijougatan 22 Malmö, info@cupcakecrush.se, mobile: 070 497 4567

Cupcake Crush 2017